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Laurent Michelot//photography


 A city, a power plant, a territory.




Chernobyl, Ukraine ... April 26, 1986 ...


The greatest nuclear disaster of all time left behind a desolate, polluted territory, where human life cannot resume. More than thirty years after the accident, immersing yourself in the heart of this time capsule puts you in contact with surreal atmospheres, sounds ... like entering a world frozen in history.


In three galleries, you will discover snapshots of this out-of-time place, this place called the exclusion zone. In three horizons, three ambiances.

First of all, Pripyat, the ghost town at the gates of the power plant, once called home for almost 50,000 people.


Then the nuclear power plant, where everything started and ended. The epicenter of the accident that reshaped the zone.


Finally, the thirty-kilometer exclusion zone, where signs of human activity are slowly fading.


a city: Pripyat



a powerplant: Chernobyl




a territory: a wasteland




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